red color scheme for night obsevation

  • it would be interesting if you coul add a red color scheme, confortanble for night observation so the eye makes no efort to "re-acomodate" to the darkness conditions. This way you can look to the screen and then to the sky without loosing sensibility in the retin of your eyes.

    • Silveradogold

      Just check out the posts for "Adding Night View to Stellarium";
      That will give you a good starting point;
      Just remember to save an unchanged copy of the file you're going to work on before you go changing things.
      Believe me, you will save yourself alot of heartache!!
      Clear Skies --- Silveradogold

    • Well, that "worked", I have now my interface in red colors, where can I find info about changing colors for stars, names, background constellations art...?
      you could include a color scheme asistant for next version... ;)

       thanx, GREAT SW


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