Porting to Android

  • Claudio Costa
    Claudio Costa

    When there will be a version of Stellarium on Android equipped smartphones? It
    sould not be difficult due to the fact that Android is jusr a variation of

  • Bogdan Marinov
    Bogdan Marinov

    Whenever we find a developer who a) has experience with Android and an OpenGL-
    enable Android device, and b) willing to do the port.

    And it's Linux, by the way.

  • Claudio Costa
    Claudio Costa

    Yes, of couse, it's Linux, but Linus is the name of Linus Benedict Torvalds,
    the developer of the first version of Linux, and later the chief architect of
    the Linux kernel, and now still the Linux project's coordinator...
    It's a pity that there is a version of Stellarium running on the iPhone iOS
    and none on Android. If there is somebody capable to port it, please do. Also
    because, at the moment, there are no competitors application with the same
    features of Stellarium on such devices.

  • binary arts
    binary arts

    Stellarium for iOS was just a "fake" stellarium. It was like stellarium but
    had different libraries and code and etc.



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