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Feature suggestion

  • Hi,

    I have tried out version 0.6.2 on Linux Debian and I found it very exciting! I'm compiling 0.7.1 from source to try it out and see what else is new (specially the new atmosphere darkening during solar eclipse...).

    My feature suggestion: Find a given object in the program's database. For example:
    1) User presses 'F' key.
    2) A prompt shows up at the center of screen to type object name. Options: a) toggle button to center screen on object; b) zoom to magnification selected by user.
    3) Target signals object on screen. Optional: a) if "center on object" was selected, screen slowly pans into object; b) if "zoom into object" was selected, the screen zooms into the object after the screen panning (if it was selected).

    Best regards.

    • OK, looks like the Find feature has been implemented after all. (Either that or you people work REALLY fast!)

      Another feature suggestion (maybe by the time I post this it will also already be in the program...). Select time step (user menu). For example, if I type in that I want time steps of 1 day, i.e. 24h00m00s, I'm expecting to see e.g. the sun walking through the ecliptic.

      Thanks again.



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