I want to translate into spanish, web&program

  • Hello. I am from Spain. I enjoy with stellarium. I want to translate into spanish, web and program; labels and names of planets, constelations,...I'm developer.

    • Rob Spearman
      Rob Spearman

      That's great!

      We have planets and constellations translated into Spanish, but we definitely need help translating the user interface.

      Do you know how to check out the latest code from CVS?

    • No, I'm using Windows XP and I dont know how do it. I can access by web, but seems more dificult...You can see an initial translate of web in www.andalux.com/stellarium

    • I have installed WinCVS. I need to connect to the repository, but password of SourceForge is not correct. My e-mail is sergiotrujillo@telefonica.net. You can send me all data necesary to enter. I'm an experimented developer on windows platform, but I love Open Source and Linux.

      • Hi Sergio,

        Thanks for your efforts! I was quite impressed by your translation of teh web site!

        Concerning the program itself, we indeed need translators. We are currently testing automatic translation features using GNU gettext. So if you want to add a spanish translation you'll need to edit the es.po file in the /po directory which will contain all the translated strings for the program.

        This file does not exist yet, I will add it soon.


    • Well in fact it is better if you create the es.po file by yourself by using the invoking the msginit program (in a unix environment with gettext installed).

      Please have a look at the documentation there : http://www.gnu.org/software/gettext/manual/html_chapter/gettext_5.html#SEC29


    • Thanks. I think I must send you the es.po file to test with the program. I meet very much people here in Spain that like to get Stellarium in spanish...

    • Hello.

      I upload the es.po file to www.andalux.com/stellarium.
      The complete link is www.andalux.com/stellarium/es.po.
      It's translated into spanish, using poEdit 1.3.3. for Windows. How can I create an executable for Windows XP?

      Sergio Trujillo



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