Stellarium 0.7.0 available

  • Here we are! Rob, Johan, Tony and myself are proud to anonce that after almost a year of development release 0.7.0 is now available :)

    New features include: object search, Stellarium scripting, mouse navigation, realistic eclipses, new landscapes, internationalization, better meteor showers and countless other features and bug fixes.


    • Works much better now on my P3 WinMe. Use to hang almost every time. I've had it up several times now and it appears stable.


      Where do I adjust frame rate?

      Equatorial and azimuth numbesr show but not the grids.

      What/who do I contact regarding Australisan aboriginal culture constellations. I have access to some resources.

      And for the next upgrade... :)

      Ecliptic coordinate grid with degrees and tropical sign glyphs labeled for each 30 degrees .

      Galactic grid

      Meridian circle.


    • Hi,

      Thanks - absolutely stunning rendering in this software. I want to show this to my graduate students who are preparing to be teachers - combining astronomy with art.

      Will there be a MacOSX binary distribution prepared?


      Raj C.
      Virginia, USA



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