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Features that I would love to see

  • Hi there, I think Stellarium is great!

    Even so, I'd really like to see this kind of feature in it:

    User could choose to simulate a certain telescope.
    User could choose for example: Refractor or Reflector, different eyepieces and focal length

    That would make it easier for people to try to understand what man can see with telescopes.
    So stellarium wouldn't only teach us about stars but also lead us into the world of telescopes.

    ...mmm, that would be AWESOME!

    • Matthew Gates
      Matthew Gates

      I started to think about this, but right now I don't have so much time to spend on it. I need to brush up on my C++ skills a little before I can attempt this (it's been a few years since I was using C++, and I was never an expert).

      Some of my ideas about how it might be done can be found here:


      (scroll down to the Idea section)

    • Matthew Gates
      Matthew Gates

      > Allow user to right click a moon or planet
      > or even a distant star and be at the
      > surface...

      Check out Celestia:


      I think Stellarium isn't really designed to do these things, and Celestia already seems to have cornered that market...

    • Matthew Gates
      Matthew Gates

      Curse sourceforges forum posting conversion of greater than signs! > ha!

    • Allow user to right click a moon or planet or even a distant star and be at the surface.

      Also, in case they get lost click a home button to be defaulted back to Earth. But it would be very cool looking at the solar system or even our galaxy from other points.

      Would also like to see all of the moons added to the planets.



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