Some keyboard/mouse functions I'm missing

  • I would like to have added a few functions which allow to:

    • look towards North/West/South/Easy/Zenith via keys
    • quick-zoom FOV to some usual values (e.g. 15, 30, 60, 90)
    • use the mouse wheel to zoom
    • DaSH

      Mouse wheel support for zooming (and panning the view via the mouse) should be in the next release.

    • What I liked about my previous skychart program skyview was that it was entirely controllable by mouse.
      Some suggestions: mouse wheel zooming (looking forward to the next version), dubble-click to center on the mouse position and 'dragging' the sky (when dragging the sky remains fixed relative to the mouse position).
      Btw: great program folks!

    • I seem to be missing the view to N,S,W,E. I looked in help, nada thing for this. No buttons and It just isnt there..send help......VERY NCE PROGRAM Folks!



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