Optionally limit magnitude of visible stars

  • I don't know if this is already possible, but i miss a possibility to view only bright stars (up to a certain magnitude). Users living in bigger cities could use this feature to view the difference between light pollution and perfect visibility.

    If hipparcos.fab wasn't in a packed format, one could probably do it by a little awk or perl scripting...but it would look much better if one could do it dynamically.

    Otherwise, a really great program!

    • You can adjust the value
      in the config.ini file.

      When the text user interface (TUI) is activated in the config.ini file, you can also do it in the program itself.

    • I don't think this is quite what I meant... I want to set a max magnitude and only see stars brighter than that (like max_mag_star_name)

    • I would like to see that feature too!! I just added a new thread concerning this issue, but noticed too late that you already asked for it. (see the thread "manual correct for light pollution (dimming)"



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