2 Sugestions

  • First of all I would like to just say WOW! What a killer program.

    2 things that would make it a little more usable for me are the following.

    1. Could you put a switch in for constellation boundaries? I like to use my telescope by taking a constellation and seeing everything that is in that constellation then move on to the next. If you could put a switch to turn the boundaries on and off that I can tell what objects are associated with what constellation, that would help a lot.

    2. If you could put altitude from the horizon in the object info when you click on it with the mouse, that would be great too. We have a high tree line around here. If I had the alt off the horizon I would know if I can see the object from the house or if I need to move to another location.

    Again major kudos to you for the incredible great program. This is the best program that I have found for use with my telescope.




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