Qt SDK not creating qt folder


  • Anonymous

    The window compilation instructions dictate that the path "C:\Qt\4.7.1\qt\bin"
    should be added to the Path. Of course, 4.7.1 is outdated and it is now 4.8.0,
    but it appears that in 4.8.0 that folder no longer exists. Therefore, cmake
    has issues finding qmake.exe. I am running Win7 and using the off-line SDK

    Searching for qmake.exe, the executable can be found in other locations, such


    If I point to one of those locations I get past that step, but then the IconV
    library can no longer be found. The issue is the same as this post. I'm not
    sure if these two issues are related.

    I will gladly update the wiki if we can get this compiling! Thank you!

  • Bogdan Marinov
    Bogdan Marinov

    The right one in your case is


    The other two refer to the versions for Symbian (Nokia's mobile phone OS) and
    simulator used for testing Qt mobile phone applications.

    It's possible that the installers organise the file tree differently. I'm
    going to check my Windows installation before updating the Wiki.

    Note that there are a few problems with Stellarium when built with 4.8.0 on
    Windows that haven't been addressed yet. The version that was released
    recently still used 4.7.4.

  • Bogdan Marinov
    Bogdan Marinov

    Yes, it seems that the online and the off-line installers put Qt in different
    places. Mine is in C:\QtSDK\Desktop\Qt\4.8.0\mingw\bin

  • barrykgerdes

    Which Wiki instructions did you follow . The qt creator or the Msys
    I don't know about the Qt creator method but
    The instructions for the msys should work OK. They do for me.
    You need to get the qt-win-opensource-4.8.0-mingw.exe
    I install it in qt]4.8.0\qt to be then same as the earlier compiling format
    However MinGW is not in that package you will still need to install Qt's
    MinGW440 on the computer and set its path
    and install the zlib-1.2.3.exe, Gettext-0.14.4.exe and libiconv-1.9.2-1.3xe
    libs,bins and includes into Mingw
    other dependancies are cmake-2.8.0, MSYS and bzr/tortoise.
    I have compiled with this in Win7 64bit, Vista and XP without bother using
    this method.


  • barrykgerdes

    The DLL's supplied with QT 4.8.0 are still the 4.7.4 versions
    The compile I am refering to is the 32 bit build
    I have a 64 bit build but no complete compiler yet but the 64 bit does not
    appear to run any different to the 32 bit although it is loaded into the
    Program files not the Program files X86.
    If you transfer the MinGW folder from the older working Qt\4.7.1 folder into
    the new qt\4.8.0 folder it will have those other dependancies already


  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the help so far!

    I'm trying the MSYS method now (the instructions seem more up to date), but
    I'm getting the exact same errors: cannot find IconV or zlib. I installed
    these just as the instructions say, to C:\Mingw. I merged the folders with
    what already exists. Am I not supposed to merge the folders or something?


  • Anonymous

    Discovered the problem. I was downloading the "Binaries" of zlib, iconv, and
    gettext. Of course, I actually needed the "Developer Files" instead. Perhaps
    this was a noobie mistake, but I think it should be annotated on the wiki


  • Anonymous

    It compiled and ran!!!!! :) What an great feeling!

    It should also be noted on the wiki that you have to adjust windows
    UAC/permissions settings to allow "make install" to work. I will add
    everything I learned asap.

    Thank you berry and daggar!!!

  • barrykgerdes

    Glad you got sorted out
    The permissions in Windows 7 is an absolute pain for people like me who like
    to run programs their own way. I have installed a patch called "take
    ownership: and reset all the permissions to give the necessary access so I
    would not have noticed the problem with "make install"

    I also had a look at Qt-SDK 1.2. It takes ages to download and install from
    the site. Like Bogdan, I found all the required files are in different places.

    You need first to install the zlib, libiconv and gettext programs into
    \Qt\4.8.0\qt\desktop\qt\4.8.0\mingw because that is where the Stellarium build
    dependancies will be accessed from.

    You will then need to add all these paths to the environment variables.

    Building should then procede as normal.

    If you want to build with qtcreator that now resides in qt\4.8.0\qt\qtcreator.
    I suppose we will need to get used to the new arrangement for future upgrades

    However while Qt still provides the windows-Mingw files in a separate download
    our simpler requirements can be met using just these along with Mingw. that
    needs to be procured separately

    I hope they soon provide a set of windows -64 mingw64 files in a similar
    manner to make building a 64 bit version simpler.




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