southern sky objects

  • Fabien, and others responsible:
    This is a fantastic piece of work, and it is limited from my point of view only by its lack of significant southern sky objects.

    At the very least it needs the globular clusters Omega Centauri and 47 Tuc. these are significant objects, and given that the positions as points of light are already programmed I assume setting them up as graphic items is not too difficult (perhaps a bit rude of me to presume this).

    In addition, Eta Carina nebula and the Tarantula nebula in the LMC would add a lot of appeal to those of us 'down under'.


    • Rob Spearman
      Rob Spearman

      If you can find some good freely available images of these objects we would be happy to include these.

      By editing the data/messier.fab file you can even add nebulae yourself.

    • Done-
      just as soon as I kill a nasty drift in my mount, I'll start wit Omega cen. Need to wait a few monsths for 47 tuc.

      I'm still working on my nebula imaging, might take a bit longer.





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