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Position of Ceres


  • Anonymous

    On May 8, 2014, I used Stellarium to help locating Ceres in Virgo. According to a reliable source, it should have been at 5' north-west of 78 Vir. But Stellarium showed it 1 degree south-east of 78 Vir. The observation confirmed that Ceres was indeed very close to 78 Vir. It was not at the location indicated by Stellarium. This is a 1 degree error. I used 0.12.4-2, the latest version available. I suggest revising the calculations of planetary objects in Stellarium.

    • Alexander Wolf
      Alexander Wolf

      facepalm Please just update orbital elements for asteroids and enable light speed correction.


      • Anonymous

        I directly edited the orbital elements for Ceres in system.ini according to the most recent data in Minor Planet Center. Nothing changed" Ceres is still one degree away form its observable position.

        Andre De Lean
        Pincourt, Quebec

  • barrykgerdes

    These are the elements that worked for me. Have you turned on the light time correction?

    name = Ceres
    minor_planet_number = 1
    parent = Sun
    radius = 470
    oblateness = 0.0
    albedo = 0.113
    lighting = false
    orbit_visualization_period = 1680.99
    halo = true
    color = 1.0,1.0,1.0
    tex_halo = star16x16.png
    tex_map = nomap.png
    coord_func = comet_orbit
    orbit_Epoch = 2456600.5
    orbit_MeanAnomaly = 10.557
    orbit_SemiMajorAxis = 2.7668
    orbit_Eccentricity = 0.075797
    orbit_ArgOfPericenter = 72.2921
    orbit_AscendingNode = 80.3276
    orbit_Inclination = 10.593

    These elements place Ceres just over 5' N of 78 virgo at 13h34m38s +3d44m10.1s on 8th May when light time correction is on.


    Last edit: barrykgerdes 2014-05-12


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