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I like your Program

  • Thank you for your beautiful Program and that it is still freeware What is the intention behind it if not being comercial? Scientific idealism? Or is it a kind of beta for being commercial at a later point?

    Regards, Knut

    • It is not only freeware, it is open source, that means that it will always be free, no matter what I do :)

      I do it by scientific idealism :) But Rob from Digitalis edcation was kind enought to pay me for some code addition that he uses in his planetariums (and that you use also!)


      • Rob Spearman
        Rob Spearman

        Software is a prime example of a type of market where competition doesn't produce an efficient outcome due to the large investment costs, yet negligible marginal costs to distribute. (By economic theory, an efficient market prices at marginal cost.) Open source software offers a solution to this problem through cooperation.

        I sell planetarium projectors that run Stellarium as the simulation software. I have invested a fair amount of time and money improving Stellarium. I am idealistic enough to be happy to help improve astronomy knowledge for anyone who downloads Stellarium. I also benefit from improvements made by others.

        So in then end everyone benefits. Commercial and idealistic are not mutually exclusive!


        (If you are curious about my planetarium system, check out )



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