Shooting stars and completing star days for Celestial Navigation


  • Anonymous

    Has anyone used this program to do celestial navigation star days when a sextant was not available?

    These are some of the celestial problems I need to do.

    1-Morning or evening stars(3+ stars, planets, Polaris, Moon combination) - including pre-computation of civil twilight and selected stars
    2-Time of sunrise, sunset, and evening civil twilight
    3-Morning azimuth or amplitude - including gyro or magnetic compass errors
    4. noon- running fix- morning sun line to advance to noon and afternoon sun line to retard to noon-including pre-computation of LAN (Equation of Time and GHA Method); meridian transit of the sun, or ex-meridian.
    5. calculation of noon-to-noon distance by Mercator or great circle sailing. (ship’s noon to noon positions)
    6. noon report – including slip, speed and fuel consumption.
    7. afternoon azimuth or amplitude

    I know how to work all the problems. Just dont have a sextant to get the initial info. Any help is appreciated.

  • Alexander Wolf
    Alexander Wolf

    Version 0.13.0 contains Equation Of Time and Navigational Stars plug-ins. It can be useful for you. Plus Observability Analysis plugin can give you time of set, transit and rise of the celestial objects.

  • Bogdan Marinov
    Bogdan Marinov

    A sextant is used to measure the angular elevation of an object above the horizon. For each object, Stellarium displays "Altitude" as a part of the azimuth/altitude coordinate pair. So...



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