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Easy time and location setting

  • I was glad to find your program.

    However I miss one thing: It is very difficult to set the time let's say to 7 BC May 19 via the toggle arrows only. I have to fly back more than 2000 years and this takes a lot of "machine and graphic card power" to succeed this flight. Why not a textbox you can freely type? It is the same with the location entry.

    I woud like to wonder about the constellation of Jupiter and Saturn in 7 BC from May to July watching it from Betlehem, Israel. It is the "Betlehem star".



    • Hey, I just solved my own problem...

      Change this in your config file and you'll be thrown back to 3 BC, from there you can navigate easily to your 8BC date using the M manual text window (takes a bit of patience)

      preset_sky_time = 1720054.250011573
      startup_time_mode = Preset


    • This would be very useful, but perhaps more useful would be the ability to press a key to bring up a time dialogue window where the date/time can be directly set. This would be most useful when you wish people to be able to change the time, without having access to the rest of the controls.

      Many thanks,
      John Tanner
      The Open University

      • Rob Spearman
        Rob Spearman

        Try 'm' to bring up the text menu, and go to item 2.1 Sky Time using the arrow keys. There you can easily edit the time.

    • Hey, I'd also like to look at BC time, but the year column doesn't distinguish between AD/BC. How can I add that?

    • Oh, one more thing. When you roll back to BC year 0 counts as 1 BC, -1 is 2 BC, -2 is 3 BC and so on, so you've got to adjust your reckoning a little. 8 BC would be -7, etc

      Have fun,



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