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    I'm trying to see star names and/or catalog numbers in Stellarium.

    Under the "Sky and Viewing Options" window, I clicked the "Sky" tab. Under the heading "Labels and Markers" I have the "Stars" radio button checked and the slider next to it all the way to the right, to see the maximum number of labels.

    I have also downloaded all the star catalogs available for the program.

    I then zoom into some part of the sky and see a bunch of stars. Some are labeled, some are not. If I click on a star, I see some particulars about it on the top left of the screen, namely "Type: star", some numbers about the magnitude and color index, the RA/DE values, etc. If the star has a name or label, I see that there as well.

    However, the vast majority of stars have no names or labels, they are just generically identified as "star". I am not talking about very faint stars, I am talking about bright stars, some of which are visible to the naked eye and some of which only require a pair of binoculars to see. But they have no names or labels attached.

    These are stars with magnitudes down to 7, which should have HIP identifiers, since the catalog is complete down to magnitude 7.3. But there are many such stars in Stellarium which have have no HIP identifier, in fact, no identifier at all.

    I am wondering if this is a limitation of the program, or if I am doing something wrong. I am a new user of Stellarium. Previously, I used a program called Starry Night Pro Plus, and it had an identifier for every star, including the complete Hipparcos catalog, and USNO-B identifiers for stars down to magnitude 18 or so.

    Is there any way at all in Stellarium to identify stars that aren't labeled, by star name or catalog number or ANY identifier at all?




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