Crescent Moon too bright at wide FOV

  • Chris Arkless
    Chris Arkless

    When viewing at a wide field of view the moon takes on a general glow which
    overpowers the phase, ie. it becomes a bright fuzzy blob.

    At fields of view less than about 40 degrees the crescent of the new moon
    appears ok. As I zoom out the night side of the moon starts to glow.

    Is this meant to represent earthshine?

    As I approach 180 degrees FOV this glow completely overpowers the moons phase.
    Is there a way of switching this glow off?

    I am using 0.11.3 on win7 64. Thanks for a great program.

  • barrykgerdes

    The moon appears as a symbol (particular number of pixels) at fields greater
    than about 40 deg. At this point the relative size of the moon is about the
    same as the symbol and the symbol darkens (fades) as the FOV narrows and
    disappears at around 20 deg FOV. At this point the moon takes on its actual
    size (or scaled).

    This way of displaying does give the appearance of earth glow.

    On my display this looks quite reasonable but there are a number of places
    where adjustment can be made to change the appearance.

    setting the scale to 1. and changing some of the entries in the ssystem,ini
    for the moon




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