Suggestions for next version!!


  • Anonymous

    Here are five suggestions that I hope you will consider for inclusion into the next version of Stellarium:

    1. Include the common names of stars; e.g., add the name Antares to Alpha-Sco – HIP 80763.
    2. Change the color of Ecliptic to another color (say YELLOW) so that it is easily distinguishable from other planetary orbits which currently are not easily distinguishable from Ecliptic for they all are the same color.
    3. The Ecliptic sectors are normally expressed in degrees (or degrees and signs), not hours and minutes which are the standard for Right Ascension. So it would be more helpful to express the Ecliptic grid as such.
    4. Include the orbit of the Moon as well, perhaps as a pink or some other distinct color.
    5. The text fonts for grids are really hard to read (too thin and small) in this new version 0.12.1. I hope that you will make them more legible in the next version.

    Thanks for this great product.

    • Alexander Wolf
      Alexander Wolf

      1. This is implemented since version 0.7.2
      2. This is implemented since version 0.8.0 - you just should change color in config.ini as you like.
      3. This is not astrological software.
      4. This is implemented since version 0.11.4
      5. This is implemented since version 0.8.2 - you should set font size in config.ini file.

  • Anonymous

    what about something to record the relationship of the planets orbits? I've been unable to find anything except for a German program (soon to be english), but its windows only.

    like this Vid.


  • Anonymous

    Just keep on doing whatever it is you devs are doing. That is THE best suggestion!


  • Anonymous

    I know Windows version has EQMOD to nudge the telescope when object not in the field of view. Could a North, South, East and West nudge buttons be added ?

  • barrykgerdes

    If your telescope is correctly aligned selecting an object in stellarium will centre that object in your telescope screen. There should be no need to nudge the scope in any direction.

    However if your telescope needs to be nudged due to incorrect alignment it is possible to nudge it with stellarium. To do this zoom in on your object and select an object where you wish to nudge to and press your telescope moving button, normally Ctrl 1. This will make the small moves you require.

    If you must use EQMOD there is another accessory Stellariumscope that can be used as a scope mover in conjunction with stellarium.

    Note: Stellariumscope is not part of stellarium




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