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I want to R/C Stellarium on a server


  • Anonymous


    I do ot want to download Stellarium.
    Does anybody have it on a computer/server that I can log in to and remote
    control the program on my computer?

    Regards MagI

  • binary arts
    binary arts

    You should create your own server yourself. There's plenty of tutorials
    online. And ebay has old cheap servers for less that 20 usd. But stellarium's
    100% legit, plus it's really small. less than 100 megs and
    www.portableapps.com has stellarium portable under 10 megs! Why would you want
    a remote server from someone you don't know not sure if it is always up,
    sounds like you could be HACKING to me. Can you provide more details on WHY
    you don't wan't to download it?


  • Anonymous


    My computer is slow but when I use a program on another computer/server I can
    use the heaviest programs there is
    and I just dont like to download programs any more so I try to find it on a
    server/computer and get the screen view from it on my computer.
    The remote controlling programs are quite safe now and I have many
    computers/servers I use around the world and I have no problems at all and
    they dont seem to have any problems either.
    Can somebody tell me if this stellarium program is on any server/computer that
    I can remote control then just let me hear from you anytime.

    If you think I hack computers its quite easy to monitor what I do and set the
    system in a sandbox and so on so
    dont aquse me for something until you actually have some kind of data.

    Master of Science in Engineering physics / MagI

  • barrykgerdes

    I don't think Stellarium on a remote server will run any quicker than your own
    computer. Stellarium is real time and will need fast screen up dates. and a
    high speed internet connection.

    It sounds like you want to do cloud computing.

    There is no server to my knowledge that will serve Stellarium. I can test your
    idea later by installing Stellarium on my server and running it from my remote
    desk top but I will expect it to be quite slow.


  • barrykgerdes

    I just installed Stellarium on a remote server connected by ADSL2 internet.
    and tried to run it from my local desktop.
    Yes it ran at about .005 FPS.


  • binary arts
    binary arts

    barrykgerdes is right, "Stellarium on a remote server will run any quicker
    than your own computer". you'll have to get a faster computer, ubuntu is
    lightweight, you could install it on a flash drive or wubi if your on windows
    then type in the terminal "sudo apt-get install stellarium". That might work.


  • Anonymous

    I have never remote controlled a computer and never had under 3 FPS and that
    was a slow computer on the other side of earth.
    And I live in the woods with ADSL Internet.
    I know that other countries have quite bad Internet but I did not thought it
    was that bad.


  • barrykgerdes

    There is more than internet speed to get the speed up you also need openCL
    Real time programs like Stellarium do lot lend themselves well to high speed
    remote control.




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