Dell Inspiron 6000/Win XP/ATI Mobility X300

Bill Coley
  • Bill Coley
    Bill Coley


    The subject line of this post identifies the laptop on which I have installed
    the latest version of Stellarium. The installation went without issues, but
    when I run the program, the frame rate is microscopic to the point of
    rendering Stellarium unusable.

    Searches of this forum have alerted me to the need for Open GL graphics
    capabilities, which the driver currently installed in my Inspiron provides.
    But Stellarium runs like frozen molasses regardless of whether I set the
    driver's Open GL settings toward performance or quality.

    Has anyone successfully run Stellarium on a laptop -- preferably an Inspiron
    6000, but I don't think the laptop model is my central issue -- using the
    Mobility X300 card? If so, what driver release do/did you use and from where
    did you download it?

    Thanks for your time,
    Bill Coley

  • barrykgerdes

    You will need to find an updated driver for your video display. If the frame
    rate is that low you obviously do not have openGL support on the laptop.

    Find the reference number for the video display and Google it this should find
    you an updated driver.


  • Bill Coley
    Bill Coley

    Thanks for responding, Barry.

    I understand the need for OpenGL driver support, and have downloaded two
    different drivers that were more up-to-date than the driver I started with.
    That driver - actually, both the original driver and the updates I downloaded
    - offers several OpenGL preferences settings, but none of those settings
    affects Stellarium's slow performance. The driver clearly shows OpenGL
    support, but that support has no impact on Stellarium.

    That's why I'm asking whether anyone has successfully run Stellarium on a
    laptop with the Mobility X300 card; if someone has, it's that driver I want
    to find and install.

    Thanks again for your time and response.

  • Kird

    You have to realise that when you mention a Dell Inspiron 6000, someone has to
    look up what a Dell Inspiron 6000 really is.
    Is it a laptop from 2005 with a 2.13 GHz Pentium M, 1 GB RAM or 1.3 GHz
    Celeron M , 256 MB RAM?
    In 2005 we used Stellarium version 0.7.1 and that worked fine on that kind of

    Have you tried stellarium.exe --safe-mode?

  • Bill Coley
    Bill Coley

    Safe Mode allows me to use Stellarium on my Inspiron 6000, which is the
    outcome I sought. Thank you, Hendrik!

    My first run with the program in Safe Mode displayed very satisfactory video
    performance. Am I correct that OpenGL support affects the program's
    presentation of its content, but not the content itself? So, my using
    Stellarium in Safe Mode will not affect the information displayed, but rather
    the visual character and quality of the information/graphics displayed?

    Thanks again for your help,



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