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  • Ian Hargraves
    Ian Hargraves

    Hi Guys,
    I have an interesting problem that I don't appear to be able to resolve.

    I am trying to display the night sky from due East to due West with South in
    the middle. This I can do at the right zoom level.

    However, with the scope in Alt-Az mode with a level horizon the horizon is
    half way up the screen, so I cant see enough of the sky above. What I would
    like is to have the horizon towards the bottom edge of the window but still
    flat and horizontal.

    I thought that if I increased the altitude of the observing location that
    would lower the horizon but it doesn't. Therefore my only option is to tilt
    the mount up to about 60 degrees but that then bends the horizon right round.

    Any suggestions please?


  • Bogdan Marinov
    Bogdan Marinov

    Well, you can set the projection mode to "Perspective" - this will keep the
    horizon level. But its maximal FOV is 120°, so it won't be exactly East-to-



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