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Update: Steghide UI v3.0

Yet another update written by Drunken.Canadian :)
There is now a new options panel and a slightly better looking UI (user interface)

+ Options panel
+ Context menu
+ Desktop and start menu shortcut
+ Default options

+ Update button
+ Better looking UI

I hope everyone enjoys this new version :) and don't forget to give us some feed back as it helps us develop better applications for our end users.

Posted by Infinity Logic 2011-03-05

Steghide v2.1

Well, after a lot of waiting, I finally got enough spare time to work on this :) I hope you like the new Interface; it fixed many of the problems that the old one had as well, it looks much better.

Posted by Infinity Logic 2011-02-22

First release

The first release of steghide UI!! Hope everyone enjoys the release and gives suggestions :) just send me a line at

To Do...
1.) Make a better looking UI
2.) Add more encryption options
3.) Add support for more file types
4.) turn the front end UI into the complete application, not just the GUI.

Posted by Infinity Logic 2010-10-18