LOC diagram differs from the LOC number

aska lee
  • aska lee
    aska lee

    I used the 0.4 version to a report of my svn repository. The command I used is as follows:

    java -mx1000m -jar c:\tools\statsvn.jar -output-dir c:\temp\myPrjstatReport -cache-dir c:\temp\myPrjsvn.cache -include "myPrj/**/*.c:myPrj/**/*.cpp:myPrj/**/*.h:SK/**/*.cs:stapt/**/*.h:stapt/**/*.cpp" -exclude "myPrj/ed/**:**/sqlite/**:**/UnitTest??/**:SK/srcMonkey/**" c:\temp\myPrjsvn.log d:\data\LT\AP\g\trunk

    That resulted in a strange problem.
    I found that on the "Development Statistics" page the reported LOC number didn't match with the LOC diagram.
    The reported LOC number was 11835, but it showed about 50000 LOC on the LOC diagram.

    After inspecting my codebase, I found 11835 should be the correct LOC, not the number depicted on the LOC diagram.

    I captured a snapshot of the problem at the following url:

    My OS is WindowsXP. The java version is 1.6.

    • Jason Kealey
      Jason Kealey

      I think we have a bug with excluded files that are still included in some graphs. (Already in the tracker).

      If you run it without inclusions/exclusions, do you get the same LOC?

      Feel free to post this in the appropriate bug on the tracker or create one if it is not already there.