Multiple Projects?

  • Hello all:

    I have a request from management for "rollup" statistics for svnstats.  lets say my repository has:

    /repo/project1/trunk (tags,branches)
    /repo/project2/trunk (tags,branches)
    /repo/project3/trunk (tags,branches)

    I can get stats easily for project1, 2 and 3 individually, but now I need statistics for all three projects combined.  How would I go about this?



    • Allard

      I have this same problem. This is what management wants indeed!

      • Allard

        In my situation i tried to use

        del x:\svn.log
        svn log --incremental --xml A >> x:\svn.log
        svn log --incremental --xml B >> x:\svn.log

        the problem is svnstat unfortunatelly expects 1 directory for the log you created and it will say "invallid XML"

        In some situations i want to do this for 1 single project with multiple linked "svn:external" folders.

        I hope this will be a new feature soon.

    • DaddyToEthan03

      I got around this by writing a ksh script. So overall I just checked out from the top level. in my case \Trunk. I did get every project under Trunk, and I was able to gen up all the stats I needed. I added switches to my script to specifiy a specifc project, and check it out to generate statistics if needed. But anyway, I got what we needed by checking out all projects from \Trunk.