#65 Ignore cvs IMPORT and Exclude certain users


Well, we organisations and universities tend to use
colaborative open source software to learn and let
things clean and stimulate programming, since we know
its so important for the entire society. Things are
easier now because of the colaborative teams all around
the world :)

One of a so-important area is statistics. We praise and
we keep being very happy because of statcvs existence.
But there is some lack of support to avoid certain
inconsistencies. People here uses tons of separate
code, for example, so we need to CVS IMPORT them once
in a while. When we import tons of lines, CVS acts like
it was checked out :/

Letting a given user (like cvs) to do the job helps a
bit, however, along the year, we dont have the
'eye-catch' eureka: we need to interpret the graphic
first, looking for the 'cvs' user, which actually is
not the developer, for sure (but the 'importman' or

So, It would be easier for us all, if there was support
for user exclusion (like statcvs --exclude-users
cvs,admin), and more important, the ability to
recognize from CVS logs that a given piece of code
(mainly directories) was imported, not checked in.

In the meantime, We are hiding certain start dates: we
import all of them once at day 1, for example, and do a
global statcvs from day 2, and weekly statcvs graph
generation of day 2-8, 9-15, and so on...

Thanks :) And a long time for StatCVS.



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