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#92 strange calculation for lines of code changed

Kristof Szabados

I just noticed that there might be some problem with how the "lines of code changed" data is calculated for commits.

example (this is an actual output for a single commit with changed names):

64 lines of code changed in:

* first.g (+2 -2)
* Strategy.java (-14)
* Parser.java (+25 -23), FileType.java (del), GlobalParser.java (+3 -4), OutdatedFileCollector.java (+26 -13), ProjectSourceParser.java (+3 -3)
* Analyzer.java (+5 -69)

I don't understand how does it come, that I have changed only 64 lines of code with this commit if I have changed +5-69 = 64 lines in a single file?

I guess the valid value should be between 134 (if all changes in a single file overlap fully) and 252 (if all changes very independent).
I only used the data readable from the out and for this reason known by statCVS (the lines in the delete file were not included as it is not displayed in the result html file)


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    It is impossible to define precisely what a “changed line” is. StatCVS simply shows you the sum of all lines added, that's why it is 64. That's a good heuristic. Deleted lines are typically inserted in modified form somewhere else, so have already been counted. There's little point in obsessing about the precise numbers.

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