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#82 Java Out of memory exception


Iam trying to process cvs log file of 600mb and getting out of memeory exception. I have set -Xmx2048m. I have realy memory of about 8 G.B. Can statcvs handle file size of 600mb ? If yes can u suggest me the java mem option for this .

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    You can't allocate more than 2GB of memory to the JVM on 32-bit operating systems. Run StatCVS on a 64-bit OS, or reduce the amount of memory it needs by limiting the date range or fiddling with the -include/-exclude options of StatCVS.

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    Iam trying this in 64 bit . I have more that 130 projects Still getting the same issue.Kindly suggest me how to go abt apart from date ..

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    I'm sorry, the StatCVS team doesn't know why your OS won't allocate more than 2GB to the JVM—this is not a StatCVS issue, it's a JVM/OS issue.

    The only easy way to reduce StatCVS memory consumption is using a date range, or analyzing a smaller number of files by using the -include or -exclude switches. Details are in the manual.

    I'm sure StatCVS could be improved to use less memory (e.g. by persisting to a database). If you want to work on this, patches are welcome.