Startkladde wiki

The wiki documents the project Startkladde and is intended mainly for developers. More information for users can be found on the project web site.

This wiki is publicly accessible. To change pages, project membership is required. You can browse the pages or labels. The language of this wiki is English. Any remaining German pages should be translated.






Old pages

These pages should be merged into more current or "obsolete" pages:


Wiki: CommandLineOptions
Wiki: Compiling
Wiki: Configuration
Wiki: Conventions
Wiki: Creating_KML_files
Wiki: Database
Wiki: Flarm basics
Wiki: Flarm event detection
Wiki: Flarm handling
Wiki: Flarm use cases
Wiki: GUI
Wiki: Migrations
Wiki: MinGW-Linux
Wiki: ModelViews
Wiki: OperatingSystems
Wiki: PPA
Wiki: Packages
Wiki: Pakete
Wiki: PowerSupply
Wiki: ProjectMembership
Wiki: Refactoring
Wiki: Release(startkladde)
Wiki: ReleaseChecks(startkladde)
Wiki: SVN
Wiki: SerialPort
Wiki: StartMenu
Wiki: Tests
Wiki: Tickets
Wiki: Translation
Wiki: Versions
Wiki: WebSite
Wiki: Windows
Wiki: relative_url_root