Hi All,

         I am happy to announce new release of starpy (Asterisk protocols for Twisted http://starpy.sf.net ) on behalf of starpy team.

         starpy-1.0.0a13 can be downloaded from here https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=164040

This release contains addition of many manager commands to manager API. Following is a list of newly added commands.

  1. agentLogoff
  2. dbGet
  3. dbPut
  4. extensionState
  5. getConfig
  6. meetmeMute
  7. meetmeUnmute
  8. park
  9. pauseMonitor
  10. playDTMF
  11. queuePause
  12. sipShowPeers
  13. unpauseMonitor
  14. updateConfig (read AMI documentation before using this )
  15. userEvent
  16. waitEvent
  17. zapDNDoff
  18. zapDNDon
  19. zapDialOffhook
  20. zapHangup
  21. zapRestart
  22. zapShowChannels
  23. zapTransfer

Those are all the changes that are involved in this release if you find any bugs or hope for any new features let me know.

Have fun with starpy,
Godson Gera