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Initial draft of proposal posted

Check the Doc Manager for this document. I've probably overlooked some of the input I've already been given, so if I left out something you asked for, post an item for it, or send me a reminder that I left it out. I'm still trying to get a grasp on the task, but this is at least (to me) a bit more concrete.

Feel free to critique it, as well. If you have ideas you wish to put in the mic in longer form, you can also upload a similar document using the DocManager, and Trace or I will review it.... read more

Posted by Robert Kjelgaard 2001-10-15

It's Alive!

Well, don't know if anyone'll see this, but we're alive!
Just got the project approved, now all I need is a programmer...Heh.

Posted by Trace Kern 2001-10-11