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Version 1 available! :)

Hi all,

Have promoted build 1.5.5 to be the release version! :)

There are three small changes in this version to the RC version and looking forward to hearing your suggestions and thoughts! :)


STAMP dev team

Posted by Jim Hunter 2011-07-27

Release candidate 1 available now! :)

Hi all,

We've just checked in v1.5.0 which is our RC1! :)

This adds the following items (and clears our feature requests):
- Enable basic font formatting (in the caption editor)
- Added ability to set simple alignment options (in the caption editor)
- Added align captions to 'bottom of slide' option
- Ability to have duplicate start / end times
- Allow blank / zero end time (uses next start time)
- Keep animation sequence when set to auto-play (added auto play button to ribbon)
- Added ability to export captions
- Allow setting transition speed for fade
- Provide setting to control precision of milliseconds from time entry
- Auto add / import when user adds media (with option to disable)
- Dimensions of Caption Editor persisted
- Persist size of editor form
- Added button in ribbon to align to bottom of slide
- New options dialog for user defined [default] caption settings... read more

Posted by Jim Hunter 2011-06-13

Version 1 coming soon

Hi all,
Awesome to see the interest so far! We're excited to announce that we'll have a v1 out soon (pending a couple of final checks) and we think that it's a great step up!
Will update as soon as it's released and available!
STAMP dev team

Posted by Jim Hunter 2011-06-06