STAF V3.4.13 and STAX V3.5.5 are available

STAF V3.4.13, STAX V3.5.5 and Email V3.3.7 are now available. You can find more information and download the binaries from the official STAF (Software Test Automation Framework) web site at These releases contains new features, bug fixes, and documentation updates.

STAF V3.4.13 includes:

1) Operating System Updates:
-- Upgraded the Linux i386 and Linux AMD64 (x86_64) build machines for STAF from RHEL 5.8 Server to RHEL 5.9 Server.
-- Upgraded the Linux ppc64-32 and ppc64-64 build machines for STAF to the latest operating system updates for SLES 10.4.

2) Java API Improvements:
-- Fixed a problem in STAF Java functions convertDurationString() and convertSizeString() in the STAFUtil class where these functions were not returning an error if the specified duration or size value was negative.

3) Build Improvements:
-- Fixed automated STAF builds to work when the buildType variable is set to 'debug' instead of 'retail'.

4) Documentation Improvements:
-- Updated section "5.1.2 Running STAFProc on Windows with User Account Controls (UAC) Enabled" in the STAF User's Guide to document how to run commands like the one for starting the STAX Monitor if STAFProc is running as an Administrator on Windows because UAC is enabled.

STAX V3.5.5 includes:

1) Documentation Improvements:
-- Updated the "Starting the STAX Monitor" section in the STAX User's Guide to document how to start the STAX Monitor as an Administrator on Windows systems where STAFProc is running as an Administrator because UAC is enabled.

Email V3.3.7 includes:

1) Reliability Improvements:
-- Fixed a problem where a Email SEND request occasionally hung (e.g. when the mail server was very busy). Now the Email service will log a timeout message in the Email service log and retry using the backup mail servers if any were configured.

2) Usability Improvements:
-- Added the ability to specify a timeout for the socket used to communicate with a mail server on a Email SEND request.
-- Changed to log a Warning message instead of an Error in the Email service log if a Socket IO Exception occurs when attempting to send a message and added logging an Error message only if all attempts to send the message failed.

Posted by Sharon Lucas 2013-03-29