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Sharon Lucas
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Please provide STAF support for windows 8 (32 & 64 bit).



  • Sharon Lucas
    Sharon Lucas

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  • Sharon Lucas
    Sharon Lucas

    Ajay said that when trying to install STAF V3.4.3 on a 64-bit system running a Windows 8 Developer Preview build he got a Fatal Application Error.

    I believe the problem is because InstallAnywhere (the installer used by STAF) does not support Windows 8 yet. I suggested that Ajay zip up the STAF directory that he installed on another Windows machine and transfer it to the Windows 8 machine and unzip it. Ajay verified that he could then use startSTAFProc.bat to start STAFProc without any problems.

    I posted a question on an InstallAnywhere forum asking what version of InstallAnywhere will support Windows 8 and when Flexera would be making it available. When it becomes available, then I can upgrade the version of InstallAnywhere that STAF uses so the STAF installation using InstallAnywhere will work. STAF currently uses InstallAnwhere 2010 Enterprise version.

    Ajay said that the STAF OS configuration variables on a Windows 8 Developer Preview build show the following values:

    STAF/Config/OS/MajorVersion : 6
    STAF/Config/OS/MinorVersion : 2
    STAF/Config/OS/Name : Unknown WinNT
    STAF/Config/OS/Revision : 8102

    I made the following changes to STAF (that will be in the next STAF release, V3.4.8) so that the STAF/Config/OS/Name will be "Win8" instead of "Unknown WinNT":

    Index: stafif/win32/STAFUtil.cpp

    RCS file: /cvsroot/staf/src/staf/stafif/win32/STAFUtil.cpp,v
    retrieving revision 1.27
    diff -r1.27 STAFUtil.cpp
    > else if ((osVersionInfo.dwMajorVersion == 6) &&
    > (osVersionInfo.dwMinorVersion == 2))
    > {
    > // Windows 8
    > type = kSTAFWin8;
    > }
    > case kSTAFWin8: osName = "Win8"; break;
    Index: stafif/win32/STAFUtilWin32.h
    RCS file: /cvsroot/staf/src/staf/stafif/win32/STAFUtilWin32.h,v
    retrieving revision 1.10
    diff -r1.10 STAFUtilWin32.h
    > kSTAFWin8 = 0x4000,
    < 0x1000 | 0x2000 | 0x0080),
    > 0x1000 | 0x2000 | 0x4000 | 0x0080),
    < 0x2000 | 0x0080),
    > 0x2000 | 0x4000 | 0x0080),
    > 0x4000 | 0x0080),
    > kSTAFWin2K3Plus = (0x0200 | 0x0400 | 0x0800 | 0x1000 | 0x2000 | 0x4000 |
    < kSTAFWin2K3Plus = (0x0200 | 0x0400 | 0x0800 | 0x1000 | 0x2000 | 0x0080),
    < kSTAFWinVistaPlus = (0x0400 | 0x0800 | 0x1000 | 0x2000 | 0x0080),
    < kSTAFWinSrv2008Plus = (0x0800 | 0x1000 | 0x2000 | 0x0080)
    > kSTAFWinVistaPlus = (0x0400 | 0x0800 | 0x1000 | 0x2000 | 0x4000 | 0x0080),
    > kSTAFWinSrv2008Plus = (0x0800 | 0x1000 | 0x2000 | 0x4000 | 0x0080)

  • Sharon Lucas
    Sharon Lucas

    This is the response we got from Flexera (who supports InstallAnywhere) in November 2011 regarding the problem where InstallAnywhere 2010 fails on Windows 8:

    "We have a very early version of Windows 8 installed and the InstallShield team is looking into it. IA team will look at Windows 8 after we ship SP3.

    We wouldn’t expect IA to be a huge problem with a new Windows OS.

    Support for a new Windows Operating System is typically done in conjunction with a major release. So the releases for IS and IA in 2012 we would expect would have a certification statement issued.

    With an early preview release, we aren’t sure what is wrong.

    Until we actually complete testing next year, we are unable to make any support statement on the new OS."

    So, we are waiting for Flexerato complete their testing of InstallAnywhere and to make a support statement.

  • Sharon Lucas
    Sharon Lucas

    Opened Flexera Problem Report SLUS8SDM5P (Incident SIOC-000123474) for the problem where STAF cannot be installed on Windows 8 Consumer Preview edition (64-bit or 32-bit). Waiting to hear from Flexera.

  • Sharon Lucas
    Sharon Lucas

    I installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview 32-bit on a system. Then I successfully installed STAF V3.4.8 using the console mode as follows:

    C:\temp>STAF348-setup-win32.exe -i console

    Note: When I tried to install in GUI mode (e.g. didn't specify -i console), I got an "Installer UI Mode Error: Installer User Interface Mode Not Supported. Use the -i command line option followed by the UI mode identifier: GUI, Console, Silent".

    The "Default Install Folder" default showed up incorrectly as "\usr/local/staf" so I specified C:\STAF. I'll look into fixing that.

    I used the defaults for all the other install options and STAF installed successfully.

    Note: The "Disk Space Information" displayed during the console install showed "Error!" for "Available" but that did not cause any issues. That is something that InstallAnywhere will need to fix.

    Also, the environment variables did not appear to be updated even though I selected the default "System" for environment variable updates. I'll look into this.

    To start STAFProc I opened a command prompt:

    cd C:\STAF

    In another command prompt, I set the environment variables by running STAFEnv.bat from the C:\STAF directory and then I verified that I could submit a STAF ping:

    C:\&gt;STAF local PING PING

    I'll be doing more testing, but I wanted to let people know that STAF can be installed successfully on Windows 8 via console mode.

  • Sharon Lucas
    Sharon Lucas

    I was able to install STAF V3.4.8 on Windows 8 Consumer Preview 32-bit using the GUI mode by specifying the "-i console" option as follows:

    C:\temp>STAF348-setup-win32.exe -i console

    I've reported the following 6 non-fatal errors that occur during the install to InstallAnywhere:
    1) Have to specify the "-i GUI" option to do a GUI install
    2) Wrong Default Install Folder
    3) Available Disk Space displaying "Error!"
    4) Environment Variables are not set
    5) The C:\STAF\jre directory is empty after the install and error messages about installing the STAF uninstaller
    6) No shortcuts are created

  • Sharon Lucas
    Sharon Lucas

    I had a typo in my previous post. I meant I was able to install STAF V3.4.8 using the GUI mode by specifying the "-i GUI" option as follows:

    C:\temp>STAF348-setup-win32.exe -i GUI

  • Sharon Lucas
    Sharon Lucas

    I released beta versions of these new installers for Windows 8. You can download them via the "Download STAF" web page at

    The STAF installer files for Windows 8 Consumar Preview 32-bit (x86) are:
    - STAF349-setup-Windows8_Preview_x86.exe
    - STAF349-setup-Windows8_Preview_x86-NoJVM.exe

    The STAF installer files for Windows 8 Consumer Preview 64-bit (x64) are:
    - STAF349-setup-Windows8_Preview_x64.exe
    - STAF349-setup-Windows8_Preview_x64-NoJVM.exe

    When I tested STAF on Windows 8 Consumar Preview 64-bit, I have
    occasionally seen STAFProc crash after submitting over 1000 STAF service
    requests while running the STAFTest STAX job so I need to investigate this
    issue further."

  • Sharon Lucas
    Sharon Lucas

    STAF V3.4.11 (to be released at the end of September 2012) provides support for Windows 8.

    The standard STAF installers for Windows (e.g. STAF3411-setup-win32.exe for 32-bit Windows 8 systems and STAF3411-setup-winamd64.exe for 64-bit Windows 8 systems) can be used to install STAF on Windows 8 as they have been updated to use InstallAnywhere 2011 FP 4 which supports Windows 8.

  • Sharon Lucas
    Sharon Lucas

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