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libsssl.so.2 Error when ex. gap4/pregap4

  • Hey,
    I'm on RHL WS4 downloaded the staden 1-7-0. along with latest iolib. iolib i did ./configure. make
    and make install.
    copied the staden directory to my /usr/local/bin/staden/
    my linux-bin is now $MACHINE value-bin.
    same goes for my lib/linux-bin.
    I also executed the config.profile upon logon.
    but i keep getting an error in teminal when trying to exectue gap4 about libsssl.so.2

    any ideas ??

    thanks in advance


    • James Bonfield
      James Bonfield

      No doubt this is due to using libcurl now for accessing traces via URLs. It's a never-ending battle with linux to know what distributions contain what packages, but under Debian there;s a "libssl" package.