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Anyone any good at creating icons?

  • James Bonfield
    James Bonfield

    I've got a couple icons for MacOSX (for Gap4 and Trev), but Spin and Pregap4 elude me! The two I've got aren't particularly good either. Similarly windows icons are poor to say the least.

    So, does anyone out there have experience in creating good looking icons? Something in keeping with the OS. (Ie nice and flashy with drop shadows etc for Mac and keeping to the appropriate windows colour palette for Windows.)

    I can't promise to use them, but I also doubt any offerings would be poorer than the ones I have already :-)



    • Jan van Haarst
      Jan van Haarst

      I could only find the "S with arrows" in the source.
      What are your ideas on the other ones ?

    • James Bonfield
      James Bonfield

      I didn't really have anything specific in mind for others.

      Trev is pretty obvious; a trace file and Gap4 either needs to reflect assembly or DNA alignments.

      Pregap4 is so abstract I've no idea how to pictorial represent it in an icon. Maybe some pipeline? Who knows!

      Spin, well the name may give a clue, but the name really has no relation to what it does. (It was some corruption of Nip and Sip, the former programs it replaced.) Spin does so many things (dotplots, alignments, various nucleotide and protein analysis, etc) that it's hard to think of some key thing.

      I just decided to do what was easy and leave it at that, but I'm open to ideas!