Trace files only partially visible...

  • Hi there,

    I work with Gap4 (for this moment on windows) and I have all my trace files in the same folder as the database .aux. Even so, I can just view some of the trace file chromatograms (Sanger ABI data, files end with .1, .2, etc.). But the properties of these visible files are the same when compared to those that are not visible - they are all free from "read-only" settings. I can open the files in Trev without problems.
    When I open Doctor Database, the trace_name and trace_file fields are empty (for visible and not visible read trace files), though the path in the trace file location is correct.
    Has anyone suggestions?   

    I would appreciate any comments on my problem!!

    • Sorry, I have to correct my question: The filed in the doctor database are NOT empty. Even so, this makes no differences for the trace display...

    • I suggest you got the files from a company - please make sure that you use the same folder structure as they did! I got my trace files in more than one folder, and I had to keep this structure to view them all. So don't copy them in only one folder, if you have more than one.
      Hope that's helpful!