Installing to Mac Os X - a problem

  • Hi,

    I know there are many posts already and the answer is probably there somewhere, but I can't understand most of the conversation here, I don't know that much about my MacBook yet. But the problem is that I installed Staden Package today and try to open pregap4 and it gives this message:

    Last login: Wed Aug 24 18:03:11 on ttys000
    /Users/jenna/Desktop/staden-2.0.0b7-src\ 2/pregap4/pregap4 ; exit;
    Jennan-MacBook-2:~ jenna$ /Users/jenna/Desktop/staden-2.0.0b7-src\ 2/pregap4/pregap4 ; exit;
    couldn't read file "/Users/jenna/Desktop/../share/staden/tcl/pregap4/pregap4.tcl": no such file or directory

    Can you help me?

  • John Nash
    John Nash

    Unfortunately, in my hands, none of the compiled packages available for Mac work.  You have to build it yourself. It's not so hard.  To start, before you can build the Staden package, you must install two packages to start your build environment. 

    First, install the Xcode package from Apple.  For all OSs up to and including Snow Leopard, it will be on the DVD which came with your Mac.  If you search the Apple site for Xcode 3.2, you can also download it. With Lion, it's available at the App Store. Install it - it's a point and click exercise.

    Second, install the Macports package: Available from: - there's a DMG package that you can use. Install it - it's a point and click exercise.

    Then, follow the instructions in

    It should be straightforward. If you have trouble understanding some of the steps, e.g. Installing tklib or grabbing the source fron SVN, contact me off-list at j o h n <dot> h e <dot> n a s h <at> g m a i l <dot> c o m, and I'll walk you through it.


  • Thanks a lot, I will try that and contact you if I can't get it right.