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scripting problem: 'load_package' fail on osX

John Major
  • John Major
    John Major

    I've run staden scripts in the past on alphas, but am just now trying to run them on my osX machine, and am finding some odd problems [running either 1-4-1 and 1-5-4]

    ie:  When I try to run ./assemble4 directly
    I get a
    "%" prompt and the program does not execute

    If I replace the header stuff with a direct call to stash, or run assemble4  like "stash ./assemble4" I get the following error:
    invalid command name "load_package"
          while executing
    "load_package gap"
    STADENROOT is set and
    I have sourced staden.profile, and all of my environment variables appear properly set. 
    I can run the GUI applications and "pregap4 -nowin ..." with no problems.

    TKUTILS_LIBRARY is not set, but it also does not appear to be set on my alpha where scripts have been running just fine[and this var is not set in the staden.profile anyway...]

    what am I missing?


    • John Major
      John Major

      Got it-

      the problem was that STADENROOT was being set locally(?) but not globally.  the export command had a typo.

      echo $STADENROOT showed me the correct value, and all of the vars set by sourcing the staden.profile worked fine.
      but-  when I checked 'env', STADENROOT was missing...fixing the export typo solved this and now my scripts are working.