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MegaBace format io_lib

  • Hi,

    I wonder why there is no ESD/FSD format support
    in io_lib. This is the native Amersham MegaBace
    chromatogram format.

    We're heavily using the io_lib and are now
    thinking about implementing support for ESD
    format on our own.

    Did I miss something ?



    • James Bonfield
      James Bonfield

      I've not seen any specifications on the ESD/FSD file format and neither have I access to an instrument to pick the format apart. Hence it does not exist.

      If you have example data (and preferably documentation on the format too) then I could take a look into supporting it in io_lib.

      However the reason I've never seen data in this format is because all output from megabace I have seen has been in AB1 format. Are there reasons why the instrument cannot write to this format sometimes?