Contact R. Staden (for PhD at Imperial)

  • Hi!

    My name is Miguel Garca-Sancho and I'm a PhD student at Imperial College (London) researching on the history of DNA sequencing. In the context of my project, I'd like to interview Rodger Staden, but, unfortunatelly, I can't find his e-mail.

    I think his previous LMB address is not valid any more and it's being impossible for me to find a w one. Could you, please, help me and let me know his new co-ordenates, in order to send him an interview proposal?

    You can either post the response here or e-mail me at

    Thanks in advance and best wishes,

    • James Bonfield
      James Bonfield

      Sorry but I don't have an email address for him either so I cannot forward your request.

      I think his LMB address expired over a year ago.