Display of trace files

  • I am a new user of Staden and am having difficulty displaying trace files when double clicking the sequences when using join editor.

    I have installed chromas as I thought that it would display the files from within Staden but nothing happens when I double click.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    • James Bonfield
      James Bonfield

      Chromas is not needed by Gap4 as it uses the same code that is in Trev (supplied with the Staden Package).

      I suspect it's simply a matter of either file type (gzipped SCF does not appear to be currently supported on Windows, although that is on my "to do" list) or of file location.

      If the files are not in the same directory as the Gap4 database then you'll need to either set RAWDATA or update the variable by the Options menu. Use expert mode (Configure Menus) to enable this if you do not see it there.

      As Gap4 uses the same code as Trev, you can verify if Gap4 can read the file format correclty by trying to display the trace file with trev instead.

      Finally, if you wish to see which trace filename gap4 has associated with a particular reading then Edit -> Doctor Database (again this is only in the Expert Mode) will show you. BE CAREFUL if you use this though as you can trash your database if you modify things! Select a reading number and then it'll show you the reading name, trace format and trace name along with lots of other internal bits and bobs.