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GAP4 crash in contig join editor

  • Hi there,

    I'm running Staden 1.5.3 on Windows XP and encountering a recurrent issue with the Join Editor.  I can open the join editor on the first attempt, and use the tool without any problems.  However, if I click the Join/Quit button and choose Join, the application crashes as follows:

    Wish Application has encountered a problem and needs to close...
    More information gives you an error signature indicating that tk_utils.dll is the source of the failure. 

    If you click quit instead of join from the join/quit dialog, it closes gracefully, but the next time you try to launch the join editor, it fails in the same way.  By the way I got the same crash using Staden 1.6.0.  Any advice? 

    Thanks a lot!

    -Craig Cummings


    • Hi there,

      I've also tried this with Staden 1.6.0 on a Linux box.  The behavior seems more stable--I can open and close the join editor many times--but the first time I tried to accept a join, the program quit.  So this bug is not platform-dependent.


    • I have found that the problem only occurs when I am displaying trace data in the editor window.  Hope this helps someone to track down the bug.