databases not found in gap v. 4.10

  • I´m using Gap v.4.10 without any problems for longer time, but now suddenly I´can´t open any databases or add new entrys into the database. By opening a database the error window has the text that the program don´t find the database. By Opening a new database and trying to stack the readings in the output window is this text:

    Processing        1 in batch
    File name 4062007anna-kaisa.forw_glnAf_30_1347_H09
    Failed file 4062007anna-kaisa.forw_glnAf_30_1347_H09written to error file
    Batch finished
           1 sequences processed
           0 sequences entered into database
           0 joins made
           0 joins failed

    Could somebody tell me how to manage this problem?