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CAP3 integration is no longer supported

  • malcolm cook
    malcolm cook

    I learn from the author of CAP3 that it is no longer supported.  So, it would probably be a good idea to remove mention of it from
    the staden documentation and site.

    I inquired about availability, as advised in http://staden.sourceforge.net/manual/gap4_unix_88.html, and learned form Xiaoqiu Huang
    "The staden package requires a special version of CAP3, instead of a stand-alone version of CAP3. The stand-alone version of CAP3is
    up-to-date, whereas the version of CAP3 for use in GAP4 is 7 or 8 years old.  I have not been able to keep the GAP4 version of CAP3


    Malcolm Cook

    P.S. - I posted this also to bionet.software.staden which seems pretty dead, so, here it is here too.  Cheers!

    • Yep, it has been that way for quite a while. I think I posted about this a year or two back. On OS X you can't use Fak or Cap. About the only decent assembler is phrap, and you have to get that yourself.