staden installed, but gap4 won't open

  • Hi again,

    So I finally managed to install staden .. at least in theory… configure and make seemed to go ok. But now, when I try and open gap4 or gap5, I get the following error:

    /Applications/staden-2.0.0b7-src/gap4/gap4 ; exit;
    Kerensa-McElroys-iMac:~ kerensa$ /Applications/staden-2.0.0b7-src/gap4/gap4 ; exit;
    couldn't read file "/Applications/staden-2.0.0b7-src/gap4/../share/staden/tcl/gap/gap.tcl": no such file or directory

    Any suggestions/ help would be much appreciated!



  • James Bonfield
    James Bonfield

    2.0.0b7 is pretty old. I'd advise trying either the source tarball for 2.0.0b8 as this included a number of improvements for Macs, or better still checking out the latest code from SVN and trying that.

    That said, it looks like there's a confusion between the compilation directory and install directories. It shouldn't be trying to load tcl files from the -src tree. Did you do a "make install"? Likely you'd need to specify the installation route via ./configure -prefix=/some/path/name first, unless the default of /usr/local suits you.