Commit [r3614] Maximize Restore History

(2nd try on cram_structs.h, due to broken local SVN repository)

Further improvements to replace s->XX_blk with s->blocks[XX] and
similar code.

Code tidyups to remove compiler warnings; mostly unused variables.

Auxiliary tags are now put into different external blocks depending on
their type. Specific known tags types are dealt with separately (OQ,
BQ, BD+BI, FZ) plus all other quality strings (Q2, U2, QT, CQ),
sequence strings (R2, E2, CS, BC, RT) and other strings get aggregated
in their own blocks too.

Broke the cram_encode_slice() function into sub functions for

Major reorganisation of the cram_compress_block function and the way
the cram_metrics structure works. We now bitwise OR together a bunch
of compression methods and it gradually learns the ones that aren't
working well. The -j and -J command line arguments are used only to
seed the initial list of compression method possibilities.

jkbonfield 2014-04-04

changed /io_lib/cram_refactor/io_lib/cram_structs.h
/io_lib/cram_refactor/io_lib/cram_structs.h Diff Switch to side-by-side view