#46 Template Display does not work

Gap4 (50)

With some databases, I get several error windows when I
right click a contig and choose template display. This
aplies to all staden versions I used since 2002. There
come two or three windows with that content:
while executing
"resize_canvas -io 1 -id "
invoked from within
"if {[winfo toplevel .show_templates0] ==
".show_templates0"} {
update idletasks
resize_canvas -io 1 -id
(command bound to event)

Then comes one with this content:

wrong # args: should be "AddTemplateCrossHair io id f
canvas x"
wrong # args: should be "AddTemplateCrossHair io id f
canvas x"
while executing
"AddTemplateCrossHair 1 .show_templates0
.show_templates0.items 375"
(command bound to event)


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    Update: I forgot to mention that I am using the WINDOWS

  • James Bonfield
    James Bonfield

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    Both of these appear to be due to the template_id variable
    being blank. Ie:

    resize_canvas -io $io -id [set $f.template_id]


    resize_canvas -io 1 -id

    in the original error. Similarly for wong # args in the
    second error.
    Quite why that's happening I'm a bit unsure of. You say that
    it happens with some databases. Does it ALWAYS happen with
    those databases, or is it simply that it's sporadic and it
    sometimes happens and sometimes not with no apparent data

    I suspect it may be some timing issue of events triggering
    before the window has fully initialised, but that's tricky
    to track down. (sorry)


  • James Bonfield
    James Bonfield

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    Dear James,

    I found the cause of the problem: Some sequences I enter
    into GAP do not come from pregab but from Vector NTI (I can
    choose EMBL as output format). Spaces in the name are
    substituted by backslash, therefore the ID becomes like this
    in the *.exp file:
    ID AtAKT1\in\pCR2.1 standard; circular DNA; ; 6354 BP.

    Everything works perfectly fine when I remove those backslashes:

    ID AtAKTinpCR2.1 standard; circular DNA; ; 6354 BP.

    This brings me to another problem: I advertised Staden a lot
    in our institute an convinced many to use it: Therefore I
    know that many people do not keep in mind that Staden is a
    UNIX program that can not deal with spaces very well. People
    come then with problems to me and often they have spaces in
    the path to the sequences or spaces within the name of
    those sequences (it is impossible then to enter new
    sequences into the database).

    Is it possible to solve those problems?