#3 Can't adjust contig editor width

Simon Andrews

There seems to be a problem with the contig editor in
Staden. If you try to increase the width of the window
it initially expands and you can correctly see more of
the alignment. However as soon as you release the
mouse the window is resized back to its original width.

This behaviour is the same in both Win32 and CTU64 (run
remotely through Exceed).

I realise that the height of the contig editor is
deliberately controlled, but this needn't apply to the
width. The current behaviour means that you can't use
the full width of a large screen to do your contig editing.


  • James Bonfield
    James Bonfield

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  • James Bonfield
    James Bonfield

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  • James Bonfield
    James Bonfield

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    Having the Y dimension of the editor under the control of
    the program and the X dimension under the control of the
    user has caused no end of problems. This used to work with
    Tk7, but broke when we upgraded to Tk8. I'm not sure why.

    I have tried various tweaks to fix this, but invariably they
    seem to break something somewhere (often window manager
    specific). My long term plan is to change the editor to be
    under full user control for both X and Y (and so to simply
    use the Y scrollbar much more).

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    This bug is really annoying. BTW the program control over Y
    dimension is not so good idea either - it is rather
    nonstandard, most programs behave differently. Average user
    _expects_ to have full control over the window size in both

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    Workaround: switch to full screen.