#2 Create an exclusions system for autoupdate tool

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Any auto update system must be aware about some files
that should not be updated (cache, log files, installation-
dependent configuration and so on). They must not be
included into automatically generated updates. Why not
to implement the universal exclusions system rather than
forcing everibody to adapt the sources?

1. The exception rules can be defined in an xml or similar
file. The submitted code should read this file and decide
if the current file, folder or jar file entry is a subject of
exclusion from update. This needs understanding how
XML is processed in java. Also, you should write some
tests for your code.

2. This tool has GUI. A single panel for GUI could be
created to configure the exception list. This is more
tricky and would help you also to learn about Swing. The
exception configuration must be saveable, because
nobody would want to enter it again and again.


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