Startup Manager and OpenCandy

Together with Startup Manager 2.4.2, today Opencandy was released for the first time. And the brand new version of Startup Manager already makes use of it.

"Opencandy’s goal is to fuel innovation and prosperity in the software community, and deliver the best applications to the right users."

OpenCandy is a network, created by six founding DivX members, of software creators who like to increase the visibility of their application by recommending each other’s. This is done by inserting an extra page in the installer to create a user-friendly experience and offer optimal engagement for making a software recommendation.

"Software is too hard to find, impossible to discover, and not intuitive enough to manage. We will enable people to discover and manage software by delivering the best, most relevant applications to them."

Because Startup Manager is yet another opensource project that is certainly worth giving a try, but not known by a lot of people, we decided to join OpenCandy and hope for the best!

OpenCandy website:

Posted by Glenn Van Loon 2008-10-15